Château de la Flocellière

Château de la Flocellière
   Surrounding the medieval towers, set on a landscape of rolling hills, forest and wild, the Chateau park offers to the guests different views.
   - The french–style garden with a view on the old walls of the prior chateau over the “haut Bocage”, rolling farmland crisscrossed by hedges and trees
   - The medieval vegetables garden will charm the visitors with a profusion of flowers, roses surrounding countryside and woodlands
   - The romantic park planted with 200 year old trees coming from all around the world
   - The Italian garden, currently in restoration
   Near the castle: the village of La Flocelliere and the Lorette and Santa Casa chapels.The chapel at the Carmes Convent built for one of the well-known owners of the castle, Jacques Maillé-Brézé, marquis of Flocellière, officer of the King, for his beloved Elizabeth Hamilton, Lady at the court of Marie de Médicis.
   And why not try a hot balloon flight or rent a minibus to visit our beautiful region and musical events. See more details for activities nearby:

Château de la Flocellière
• Le Puy du Fou - 8 kilometers (a we can reserve tickets for you)

• Saint Mesmin Castle - 11 kilometers - a 14th-century medieval fortress

• Maulévrier oriental park - 20 minutes, the prettiest Japanese park in the region

Golf -18 holes - 30 kilometers in Cholet

Château de la Flocellière
   • Wineries so as the Closel Castle in Savennières - visit of the vineyards and wine tasting of Loire wines

   • Le logis de la Chabotterie
   An important location which saw the end of the Vendée wars, an exceptional garden, the residence of Général de Charette and a taste of country life at the end of the 18th century

   • The southern part of the Vendée Region, following the historic route which takes you to the abbeys in Maillezais and Nieul sur l’Autize, the magnificent Terre Neuve Castle, which is a private historical monument

   • Discover the area called the "Marais poitevin"

Château de la Flocellière
• with many historical high points along the Loire River
The region is an enchanting land of vineyards,flowers gardens,rolling green hills and thousands of chateaux or abbeys
• Château de Brissac
• Château de Serrant
• Château d’Angers
• Château d’Azay le Rideau
• Château d’Ussé (Sleeping Beauty castle)
• Château de Villandry
• Chinon the city where Jane of Heart passed
• The Royal Nantes castle
• Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud
• La Rochelle - 90 km
• Loire Valley castles

Château de la Flocellière
Château de la Flocellière

Le Château de la Flocellière
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